INSIDE Arizona's Finest Lawyers



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Gary Stuart, President & CEO

Tricia Schafer, Chief Operating Officer 


At Arizona’s Finest Lawyers, we take pride in identifying lawyer excellence and informing client choice.  With some exciting new additions to our leadership team, we have an ambitious agenda for 2014 and beyond.  See Photos from our November 2013 networking and mentoring event.  Read the Report of our March 27 networking and mentoring event.  Our next events are in Tucson in June!  



Our biographical database serves as a meaningful structure to identify and advance excellence in lawyering, judging, policymaking, and statesmanship.  Our state, our clients, and our profession will be best served as AFL’s biographical database becomes the tour de force in Arizona legal circles.  More than validation -- our membership represents Validation In Action.


We are particularly proud of our mentor program, which in the 2013-14 academic year included 36 lawyer/student pairings.  In March 2014 we selected the first recipient of the Arizona's Finest Lawyers/George H. Lyons Mentor Award.  Congratulations Danny Ortega!


As new Sustaining Members join, our ranks grow both qualitatively and quantitatively.  Each Sustaining Member adds strength, diversity, and recognition to AFL’s role as a validation authority.



Ours is the first biographical database to profile the mix of individuals seen here. We will continue to scour the lists, groupings, and gatherings of Arizona's best legal thinkers and doers. Our Sustaining Members have demonstrated high skill, unquestioned integrity, and full commitment to the rule of law. They serve Arizona in many capacities. What links them is who they are, how they got here, and what they do to advance Arizona's legal, judicial, business, civic, and political communities.